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Bridgeman Aquatic Center

Friday, April 16th, 2021

The weather is warming up, but it’s still a month or two before we can run down the beach stairs and dive headlong into that gorgeous clean fresh Lake Michigan water.  But if you need some swimming during your Firefly stay, try the Bridgeman Aquatic Center. The Center, only 15 minutes down Red Arrow Highway, offers lap swimming for adults as well as family recreation swim available throughout the week. Pull out the bathing suits and hit the pool!

For information, see AQUATIC CENTER (
Bridgman Aquatic Center, 9964 Gast Road, Bridgman. (269) 466-0236

Bonus Lake Michigan fact about Bridgman: In the 1940s, Bridgman’s water wells were going dry as the town grew. Since Lake Michigan was only a mile away, the town adopted a lake water system because, although the lake water had to be treated, the supply was guaranteed!

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By Ilona Dotterrer, Cottage 1