Firefly Resort’s Top 5 List: Halloween Fun

farmer Joe welcomes you to his pumpkin patch

Image by jmtimages via Flickr

Halloween is just around the corner and the Firefly Resort is giving you our top 5 ways to enjoy this spooktacular holiday!

1. Get lost in a Maze: Dinges’ Fall Harvest’s ‘Lost In Space Corn Maze’ and ‘No Left Turn Haybale Maze’ are a fun way to test your sense of direction!

2. Scare yourself silly at a Haunted House: The Three Oaks Lions Club Haunted House will scare your socks off! Watch out for that gigantic spider!

3. Go trick-or-treating: There’s nothing better than dressing up and heading out to satisfy your sweet tooth. can help you find the trick-or-treating times for your town.

4. Cave a pumpkin: Spooky or silly, your Halloween pumpkin is a work of art! Here are some basic carving tips:

5. Create more than Jack-o’-lanterns: While at the Pumpkin Patch, pick up a few extra pumpkins for some delicious pumpkin goodies. These Michigan recipes are perfect for the entire fall season!

Three Oaks Lions Club Haunted House

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